Titanfall 2 became temporarily free on Steam

Respawn Entertainment studio announced the start of a free weekend for online first-person shooter Titanfall 2. The game is already available to everyone, and will remain until May 3, until 20:00 Moscow time. The action is timed to the beginning of the new season of Apex Legends: Legacy update will appear in the game on May 4.

And both projects, as you know, share a single universe. During the free weekend, the maximum edition of Titanfall 2 is available, including the set โ€œKey to Startโ€.

With it, players can immediately unlock all Titans classes and all the tactical skills of pilots. As for Apex Legends, in the season โ€œLegacyโ€ players are waiting for an arena for teams of three players, a new legend – Valkyrie, additional weapons and missions to save the city from the broken free infection.

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