Titers at Smash Bros. Melee completely shot 20 years later

Twenty years ago, in 2001, there was the release of Smash Bros. Melee, the second part of the Super Smash Bros. fighting game series.

real tyre. So it happened that over the past twenty years no player managed to shoot all the names of the creators of Smash Bros.

Melee. As it turned out, because they didnt have the proper incentive.

In January, a blogger named Nathaniel Bundy, specializing in Nintendo games and history, such an incentive provided. Bundy established a special prize of three thousand dollars to the one who will be the first to โ€œpassโ€ to the end of the Smash Bros.

Melee title with a maximum score of 190. Not two weeks passed, as a player named Martin Zarate announced that he managed to conquer this attain.

By his own admission, the new record holder trained for about 50 hours, working to automatism each individual fragment. The most difficult part was the part with voice actors, their names fly from different directions, and you can not make a mistake at any time.

Earlier, the record score of shooting titles was 182. It was staged in 2007.

And the prize money Martin will spend on training, he dreams of becoming a forester or caretaker of the park. More on Gambling BioWare tries to improve the compatibility of Mass Effect reissue with Nioh 2 mods after release on PS5 has fallen in price by 36% Authors Cyberpunk 2077 eliminated the vulnerability when use of mods.