To action film The Last Oricru released a story trailer

Czech studio GoldKnights has been working for about five years on its debut game, The Last Oricru, which originally went by the name LosThero. It was not long ago that Prime Matter, the publishing arm of Koch Media. During gamescom 2021, the game‘s creators presented a story trailer for The Last Oricru.

In it we are shown the world to get into: there the Middle Ages connect with sci-fi aspects, and everything is imbued with the foreboding of a near war. two races on a partially terraformed planet separated by a protective barrier from space.

Our decisions will affect developments and the outcome of the confrontation. But to work out the complex plot with plots and mysteries, you’ll have to go through the game more than once.

The adventure role-playing action will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC in 2022. Both solo and co-operative passage is provided.

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