To Amazing American Circus released a demo

Just over a week ago, Juggler Games studio and publishing house Klabater launched a Kickstarter campaign for Amazing American Circuss future strategy. And now, as promised, released a free demo of the game. With a trial version of the circus conquest of America, we could already get acquainted during the Steam-festival.

But the new option has been improved and expanded: now you can experience more performances and see a little more of the card. To campaign the game on Kickstarter was successful, the creators need to collect 12 thousand dollars.

So far, this goal has been accomplished by half, but there are still 19 days ahead. Given that a release date has already been set for May 20, the failure will not radically affect the publishing agend.

Amazing American Circus is out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch. In the game we have to win the audience with performances of the circus troupe to defeat the all-powerful Barnum.

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