To anime action Dusk Diver to release sequel, Dusk Diver 2

During the Taipei Game Developers Forum developer conference, publishing house Justdan International and studio Wanin Games announced Dusk Diver 2, a sequel to the Dusk Diver role-playing action film. But almost nothing has yet been told about the game itself, limited to a teaser. In Dusk Diver, our main character was Yang Yumo, a regular high school girl from Taiwan who loved walking around the entertainment quarter Ximending.

And her special forces allowed to defend the area from monster invasion in parallel reality. In Dusk Diver 2, we will see the continuation of Yang Yumos story.

The girl grew up and went to college, and is now waiting for more adult entertainment and possibly new protection territories. The game is coming out this winter on RS, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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