To Circular Shooter Orbital Bullet released a major Fresh Meat update

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and studio SmokeStab released an early Steam โ€œcircularโ€ shooter with Orbital Bullet bagel elements a month ago. And now the game has received a major content add-on Fresh Meat. Players will be able to visit a new bloody biome: a horrible factory on the hostile planet of Cards where monsters from Dread Corp.

hold barbaric production rituals associated with deadly parasitams. With the fruits of their labours, we have to meet: hybrid soldiers are equipped with all kinds of limb removal devices.

But taking advantage of their benefits will be a new โ€œCorpse Collectorโ€ perk that turns the remains of enemies into powerful projectile. The game will feature a new battle skill Down Slam, as well as new kinds guns: fire and rapid-fire spiral gun.

Orbital Bullet participates in the summer sale, and you can buy the game for 350 rubles. More on Iromania NIS America Announces Four Western Releases of The Legend of Heroes Rogalik Die After Sunset Promise to Release In Early Access To Russian Slasher Demon Skin released a story supplement.