To Ghostrunner release free update and paid supplement Metal Ox

Not so long ago, the creators of the dynamic cyberpunk action Ghostrunner told about what awaits this years game. And the first of the promised extensions will appear today. This is a free update with new game modes and a paid addition to Metal Ox.

The main innovation of free expansion is Kill Run Mode mode, a race with acceleration on the Dharma Tower. Players will have very little time to pass the test, but each kill will add a couple of precious seconds.

Especially impressive tricks can now be captured using the new photo mode. And among the preset settings now appears the performance mode on PlayStation 4 Pro and support for Nvidia Reflex on Ps.

As for the Metal Ox Pack add-on, it is dedicated to Lunar New year and its symbol, the White Metal Bull. It includes four sets of sword and gloves, and each represents one of the Confucian virtues: benevolence, justice, observance of rites, and honesty.

Ghostrunner is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 versions are also planned.

And on June 25, the game will be released in a box version for the Nintendo Switch. More on CCeit Rogalik Synthetik 2 this year will be released into early access Steam Screenwriters Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands are working on Growing Up Gord, a game by former CD producer Projekt RED, turned out to be a colony simulator.