To Going Medieval Release Merchants & Diplomacy Update

Publisher The Irregular Corporation and Foxy Voxel studio released a second update to the Going Medieval urban survival. It‘s called Merchants & Diplomacy, and, as easy to guess, enriches the gameplay with diplomacy and trading. The update expands the world of Going Medieval, allowing players interact with neighborhood settlements.

The new faction system allows you to form trading caravans and send them to your neighbors, receiving their commodities in return. The faction system also lays the groundwork for upcoming updates by specifying different traits and affections to rivals driven by artificial intelligence.

In the future, we’ll be able to make allies or enemies with them. The update also allows players to customize settlers more freely by selecting physical attributes, character traits, skill levels, and perks.

In addition, the finished buildings can now be moved to another location without having to destroy them and rebuild them. More on Gamemania The creators of S.

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