To Mutazione release heartwarming Penpal update

Danish studio Die Gute Fabrik and publishing house Akupara Games have announced the release of a fresh update to coincide with the two-year anniversary of Mutazione‘s mutant adventure. The Penpal expansion is already available on Apple Arcade, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC, and is free to download. Two years have passed since Mutazione’s premiere, and there have been a number of times in the game‘s world during that time events.

The Penpal update allows players to get back into the game and discover exactly what has gone down with friends and acquaintances. Players will receive letters from the mutant village, learn gossip and review pictures of old friends.

Gardeners will send seeds to the heroine so she can add new tunes to her garden. Each new email will take 24 hours to unlock, so it will take about a week to complete playthrough.

On Steam, Mutazione’s โ€œMutant Soap Operaโ€ gets very positive feedback โ€” and they have been exceptionally positive lately. And until October 26, the game can be bought at a discount, for 260 rubles.

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