To Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III released a free prologue

Polish studio Detalion Games with the support of the concern PlayWay is working on the adventure puzzle Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III, which at the time of the announcement was called Schizm 3. Nemezis. And for those interested in the changes prepared for the new part of the series, released a demo version.

The trial version is served in the form of free prologue Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III Prologue. She takes us into the course of the case and introduces us to the place of action and heroine before the full game plot begins.

We have to go on vacation to the mysterious planet Regilus. Upon arrival on the planet Amia notices that her companion, Bogard, disappeared somewhere.

In addition, she can not just get to the hotel: for this she will have to solve a couple of puzzles and get acquainted with a couple of interesting characters. Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III is released on Steam on July 8.

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