To pioneer horror “Pischablok” released an official trailer

KinoSearch HD published the official trailer of the mystical fiction series Pischeblok based on the novel of the same name by Alexei Ivanov. In it we are shown how serene everyday life of the pioneer camp in 1980 is replaced by a bloody nightmare, from which there is no salvage. At first glance in the pioneer camp Burevestnik on the Volga nothing special does not happen.

And the camp management assures that everything is in order, and the fact that the children disappear at night, and then return completely different, it is normal – there is still nothing to do about it. And only the pioneer Valerka and the leader Igor decide to intervene, but that they can two.

The main roles in the series were played by Peter Natarov (House arrest), Daniil Vershinin (Intercedors), Angelina Strecina (Trigger) and Ilya Korobko (Molodezhka). We will see the first two series of Pishchebloka only on KinoSearch HD on Pionery Day, May 19.

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