To simulcast The Tenants release major Tenancy update

In late March, Ancient Forge studio and Frozen District publishing house released an early Steam urban planning simulator, The Tenants. The release was successful, with the game garnering up to 84% positive reviews and its circulation being โ€œsix-digitโ€ number. After a number of small edits, the developers released the first major update under by the title The Tenancy.

It aims to patch up the biggest holes in the gameplay, while adding new mechanics and capabilities. The game will feature new contracts, furniture, and the type of tenants โ€” Artists.

Tenant interactions are now being expressed in a new system of likes and dislikes. They will also be able to provide unsolicited services, buy gifts or do pads.

The occupants will also now ask to make repairs or add some furnishing. The developers have also prepared a new mode, Creative.

It is simpler and designed for those who want to indulge in repair and design in a hurry. In this mode during repair the timer stops, work brings more money, progress is made faster and alarming events are much less.

Due to the abundance of innovations, old saves are maintained wont, so the game will have to start over. But it will also be possible to assess improved learning.

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