To Star Citizen Released Major Underground Infamy Update

Cloud Imperium Games studio announced the release of the Star Citizen upgrade to Alpha version 3. 13. Update Underground Infamy adds a lot of new content to the game, including caves with dangerous exploration missions and two new vehicles.

One of the main innovation of the update was possibility of docking ships. So far, it is only available for individual models of stardolets, but their number will expand in the nearest patches.

And players will now be able to follow the level of their reputation with factions all over the world. Players will be able to complete new cargo missions, including those that require to fly to their destination manually, not relying on a quantum engine.

In the development of ore deposits they will help the new harvester Greycat ROC-DS, and in field battlesassault vehicle Cyclone Mt. Roberts Space Industries does not even report an approximate release date of Star Citizen.

At the same time, the first component of the game was officially launched in 2013. More on Gambling Closed Beta Skydome will begin on April 27 Museum and Hospital: the authors of Scarlet Nexus showed fragments of gameplay Another patch Wasteland 3 will dedicate to animals companions.