To Sword of the Necromancer released the largest update

Less than a month ago, JanduSoft publishing house and studio Grimorio of Games released a role-playing action movie with elements of the Sword of the Necromancer bagel on RS and consoles. And now announced the biggest update of the game. And mostly it is based on the feedback and wishes of the players.

Now the game has a special bag. There are only four cells in it, in addition to the items that are in it, do not give any passive effects.

And the monsters put in the bag do not restore health. But access to them can be accessed at any time in any place.

In the game settings, new parameters have appeared. Players can now turn on the ability to call monsters anywhere, start the game from the last floor passed and in other ways to optimize their gameplay process.

In addition, developers fixed a number of game bugs. And at the same time it was reported that since the launch of Sword of the Necromancer got into the 30 most downloaded games in Nintendo eShop in North America and Europe.

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