To The Caligula Effect 2 released first ‘western’ trailer

Not long ago, we learned that NIS America was preparing a western release of The Caligula Effect 2, a sequel to the popular Japanese role-playing game. And now publishers have published the first trailer, translated into English. In The Caligula Effect 2, we once again find ourselves in the world of illusions created by the virtual doll Regret.

In it, she gathered all those who are torched with regrets about the past. And for their soulful comfort deprived her subjects of all memories.

And only the invasion of another virtual idol returns high school students to memory. Heroes of the game re-founded a secret society, the purpose of which is to break out of the world of Regret and return home.

But it will not be so easy, because all the ways guard the army of virtual dolls. In Japan, The Caligula Effect 2 will be released this summer.

And in the West the game will appear in the fall, its release will take place on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. More on Gamomania Comedy action Protocol will release on consoles Metroidvania Lost Ruins is released on PC 13 May Summertime Madness will be released on PC in the summer.