To the dwarf simulator Hammerting released a Farming & Fishing update

Publisher Team17 and Warpzone Studios have announced the release of another update to Hammertings underground colony dwarf simulator. The Farming & Fishing patch, as it is easy to guess by the name, brings fishing and agriculture. Thanks to the upgrade, our gnomes can now plant and grow a range of plants on tiles of fertile soil.

Of course, only special wheat varieties can survive underground, but mushrooms and algae feel great. Dwarves automatically harvest the grown crop, and plants continue to grow in the same place.

In addition, underground rivers and lakes can be built a fishing pier and cave fishing. Dwarves also have new opportunities to bring comfort to their homes, such as bear skins.

Hammerting leaves Early Access on November 16. More on Gamemania Endzone โ€” A World Apart has flourished: Prosperity Addon Releases The Boomerang X action movie โ€œendlessโ€ update F1 Creators 2021 talked to driver Daniel Riccardo about Formula 1.