To the man-made quest Harold Halibut released a story trailer

The small German studio Slow Bros has published a story trailer for its debut adventure game Harold Halibut. Work on the project has been underway since 2012, but it still does not have release dates. The uniqueness of Harold Halibut is that everything we see in the game is created manually and only then captured and transferred to screen.

For their project, the developers built the scenery and filled them with a lot of details, and then settled in them characters made and animated hands. According to the story the action takes place on a spaceship โ€œFedoraโ€.

Once he went in search of a new home for the colonists, but eventually got to the bottom of the alien ocean. Its inhabitants have long come to terms with their destiny, setting life as it turned out.

And only Harold believes that the ship can still break away from the seabed and continue the way to a new home. Money for the creation of Harold Halibut studio tried to get through Kickstarter, but the campaign failed: managed to collect less than half of the required amount.

The developers have not found a publisher, but plan to release the game on RS, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. More on CCeit โ€œBeechโ€ released on Steam demo Tetragon Enthusiast released the sequel โ€œThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt โ€” Blood and Wineโ€ Dying Light 2 will be possible fully pass in the co-op.