To the pub, donated to football, half dont even see: beautiful, cult

Jacob Rasmussen (right in the picture) enjoys the return of the public at the Dutch stadiums. The Danish Vitesse defender was on the front line midweek, when his teammate Markus Schubert was attacked by part of the FC Groningen following.
Schubert was pelted with beer and went to the ground, Rasmussen and his teammates intervened. โ€œHe was lying there, a dead man. And we were right in front of him. The whole group and the guidance. Although they were a thousand men, we did not leave aside,โ€ said the Dane โ€” in the run-up to the 1-1 against Saturday night‘s Fortuna Sittard โ€” talking to the Gelderlander. โ€œThat whole incident with Markus Schubert has made us even more of a unity.โ€
Rasmussen enjoys the supporters experience around football. โ€œWith friends to the pub and then taunted at football, not even seeing half the game and shouting a bit in the meantime, that’
s nice. Cult. Football is a social event,โ€ says 24-year-old Dane. โ€œThat‘s why I appreciate the supporters. They don’t have to come, they want to come. And then they‘ll support us. That’s beautiful, right?โ€