Toad in the Wild West: Frog Detective 3 comes out this year

Independent Australian studio Worm Club has announced that it will release, backed by Superhot‘s publishing division, a new piece of Fib Detective Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy by the end of 2021 County. The new case for the detective toad will be the finale of an adventure trilogy. And, as the authors reported, the first two parts sold a print run of half a million copies.

And this is no coincidence, since Frog Detective games are simple, fun and bright. This time our detective, with the help of a lobster police officer, will solve the mystery of the county without a sheriff.

And, of course, everything will not be what it was imagined, and a simple solution would reveal the complex and sinister pattern of the real crime. More on Gomania King’s Bounty II authors showed a song from the soundtrack To the complex Love3 Platformer released a demo version of Fights, Puzzle, Inventory, Level Two: Seven More Minutes System Shock.