Tobiasen: ‘No passion, no fighting spirit, no time nothing. – What? By me’

Almere City lost 2-1 to Helmond Sport on Tuesday and suddenly has to make every effort to achieve direct promotion to the Eredivisie. Trainer Ole Tobiasen spared his players and not himself after the damper in Helmond.

Afterwards, the Dane spoke to ESPN and was allowed to tell what he was most disappointed about. โ€œHow we start the competition: no passion, no fighting spirit, no time nothingโ€, Tobiasen said. โ€œWhat that‘s because of? By me. And by the setting of the players. I didn’t motivate the boys well enough, apparently. Or the boys thought, โ€œLet‘s do that.โ€
Tobiasen was therefore unhappy about what his team showed at De Braak, but also did not free himself. โ€œMaybe I should have put other players together, said something else before the game, even though I have repeated a hundred times: don’
t underestimate this and so on. But as a trainer, you always look at yourself. And don‘t point to the left or to the right. No, it starts with yourself. And again, that’s not just me, the players have to look in the mirror.โ€
Almere City won the home of De Graafschap on 2 January and then set De Superboeren eight points away. Meanwhile De Graafschap has climbed over Almere City again: the difference between the numbers 2 and 3 of the Kouch Champion Division now amounts to three points in favor of the Doetinchemmers. Almere City still has one game left.

No fighting spirit, no passion, nothing at allโ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) February 16, 2021