Toby Gards new game Dream Cycle is out in early access

Designer Toby Gard, known as the creator of the classic version of Lara Croft, and his new studio Cathuria Games, backed by publishing house Raw Fury, have released an early access Steam adventure action Dream Cycle. Dream Cycle is based entirely on Toby Gards creative vision and uses a powerful procedural world generation system. Thanks to this, we will go on an ever-expanding adventure in a cursed, shattered dimension.

In the early access version, there are 10 thousand map fragments available to players, which are waiting for a variety of different maps. adventures: from spotting mysterious anomalies to confronting the evil Eidolon.

Once the goal of each adventure is reached, the darkness will recede, the heroine will gain new abilities, and players will be able to revise their strategy. Buy Dream Cycle by September 14 is at a discount, for 370 rubles.

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