Today Coronadebat: Is Home Work Advice Back?

More than two weeks ago, after a year and a half, the urgent advice to work as much as possible at home expired, but there is a chance that working from home will become the norm again. D66 advocates that today in the Chamber‘s debate on corona measures and rapidly increasing infections.

PvdA, SP and GroenLinks also think it would be wise to take the advice off the stable again. The VVD Group says they are awaiting the debate, but also that the liberals are wondering whether working from home has sufficient effect. It is expected that the Cabinet will not be in favour of it if the House wants to reapply the home work advice.

At the

end of last month, the cabinet removed the urgent advice, with the condition that sufficient distance can be kept at the workplace. At the same time, the face mask duty disappeared and became more possible in the hospitality industry and for the event sector.

At the time, the contagion and hospital figures fell considerably, but infection rates have risen spectacularly since then. Last Friday, the cabinet turned back a number of easing.

Among other things, the hospitality industry had to close earlier and the rules for events became more stringent. Reason for those tightening is that many people who have tested positive recently have contracted the virus in a cafe or nightclub.

OMT remained behind advice

The Outbreak Management Team, the Cabinet’s main corona advisory body, has never withdrawn the advice to work at home as much as possible.

Incidentally, it is not that everyone has come back to the workplace in mass since the government withdrew the advice. Many employers were already making working from home more the norm and employees are watching โ€œthe cat out of the treeโ€ for the time being, trade unions FNV and CNV said yesterday.

The debate in the House starts today at 1 p.m. It is expected that it will mainly be about the (too) fast easing. Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge said on Monday that they made a mistake of assessment and they apologized for that.