Today the minutes debate on ‘sensitizing’ and the obligation to provide information to the Chamber

On the headline four weeks ago, the House of Representatives discussed position Omtzigt, function elders until late into the night. Today, in a sense, the follow-up debate is on the programme. It is about the sensitization of the same CDA member of the Chamber Pieter Omtzigt. As at the beginning of this month, it will be about trust in the Cabinet and the prevailing culture of government, but it is a question of whether it will be another political fight.

Last time, the occasion was a photo of a rushed minister and then scout Ollongren. She then accidentally showed notes, and today we are talking about deliberately published Ministerial Council Minutes. Normally, those 25 years remain secret, but the pieces were brought out on Monday. The reason was coverage of RTL Nieuws, as a result of which the content was already largely on the street.

These are reports of cabinet meetings in which the childcare supplement affair was discussed. Sensitive matter, also because thousands of parents have been hit hard for years and many still suffer harm from it.

Two conclusions

Two conclusions have been drawn from the Minutes in recent days. First, the Cabinet had difficulty with critical Coalition MPs. For example, CDA ministers Hoekstra and De Jonge tried to bring to reason the driver of the affair, member of parliament and party colleague Omtzigt. With limited success, incidentally, said the Minutes.

Furthermore, D66 Minister of Great Tit (Social Affairs and Employment) spoke of a โ€œjoint struggleโ€ by coalition and opposition MPs against the then Secretary of State Snel, his party mate. Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) said at one of the meetings that coalition parties should never adopt a stronger position than opposition rations. Prime Minister Rutte agreed with her, as evidenced by the pieces.

Saillante examples, because in our dualistic system the cabinet is not about this, and members of parliament (including those of the coalition) should control the government.

All-share camp

Secondly, in the Minutes it was about informing the Chamber. It was already clear that this did not always go well; it is one of the reasons that the Cabinet resigned in January.

The documents show that there was much discussion in the cabinet about what should or should not be shared. That didnt always fall out in the favor of the all-sharing camp in this affair. That too is striking, because the cabinet is obliged to inform the Chamber correctly and fully.

Officials Crime

But about what is โ€œright and completeโ€, of course, you can argue. That is certainly what the opposition intends to do in the debate today, according to the reactions of recent days. PVV leader Wilders spoke of a โ€œcorrupt gangโ€ and called on the President of the Chamber to report against the cabinet for an official crime.

Think-leader Azarkan spoke of a โ€œstaggering pictureโ€ and said that there is a high probability that a motion of censure will be tabled again. Four weeks ago, Rutte barely survived such a motion. How the coalition rations enter the debate today is not yet clear. Over the past few days, things have been quiet from that angle.

The debate starts at 11.00 am and can be followed live, the app, NPO1, NPO Politics and with updates on NPO Radio 1.