Todays first day with spring temperatures

With 15 to 17 degrees, spring temperatures are reached today for the first time this year. In addition, the weather is beautiful with lots of sun and also veil clouds.

From the wind and in the sun it is warm enough to sit in the garden. As of today we will have a whole series of spring days with a large scale of 15 degrees or more and heat records will also die, reports Weeronline. Wednesday, the temperature in the southeast of the country flirts with the 20 degrees.

It will be a fairly sunny and dry day and with that the weather is very similar to that of last Saturday. Even then the sun shone full, but froze on a large scale by a cold east wind. The temperature today rises to 15-17 degrees, and with it it is 16 to 20 degrees warmer than a week ago. Only on the Wadden it is slightly less warm at 10-12 degrees.

The spring temperatures are due to a southern wind, and that can also bring Sahara Dust. As a result, the low sun can be accompanied by extra warm colors. It is expected that until Thursday it will remain exceptionally soft for the time of year and will also break date-heat records.

Chance of rare warm winter day

In the coastal provinces the coming days is often 14-15 degrees and in the interior the ceilings are around 17 degrees. On Wednesday, the highest temperatures are expected. In the southeast, it can turn to 19 degrees, and the temperature flirts with the 20 degrees. At 20 degrees or more there is a hot day and these are rare in winter.