Tokyo Game Show 2021 schedule becomes known โ€” Microsoft, SEGA, Capcom

Tokyo Game Show 2021 organizers published the schedule for the event, which will run online from September 30 to October 3. Microsoft will also participate in the show. During the 50-minute stream, announcements for Xbox consoles and exclusive news are promised.

The company has long tried to conquer the Japanese market. We are waiting to showcase the new games from the Country of the Rising Sun studios for Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Square Enix (possibly talking about Final Fantasy XVI), Capcom and SEGA will also be on display. SNK is certain to show more gameplay of The King of Fighters XV.

This year TGS 2021 celebrates its 25th anniversary. More on CCeit Devil May Cry 5 has come cheap on Steam, and at a discount it costs just 659 rubles Leon, Claire and others on the first footage of the new Resident Evil film First screenshots Marvels Midnight Suns with Blade and Ghost Racer.