Tokyo Olympics opened included music from different video games

Tokyo hosted the opening of the Olympic Games today, during which included many famous compositions from Japanese video games. Among them: Dragon Quest โ€” Introducing: Lotto Theme Final Fantasy โ€” Fanfare of Victory Tales of โ€” Slys Theme Monster Hunter โ€” Heros Testimony and Wind of The Journey Kingdom Hearts โ€” Olympus Collyseum Chrono Trigger โ€” Frog Theme Ace Combat โ€” First Flight Chrono Trigger โ€” Robo Theme Sonic the Hedgehog โ€” Star Light Zone Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer) โ€” eFootball walk-on theme Final Fantasy โ€” Main Theme Fantasy Star Universe โ€” Guardians Kingdom Hearts โ€” Heros Fanfare Gradius โ€” 01 ACT 1-1 NiER โ€” Inissie Nouta SoulCalibur โ€” The Brave New Stage of History. Later, a compilation with all the compositions will be available โ€” we plan to update the publication.

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