Tom Coronel with ‘Nodding Knees the Sand in’

Tim and Tom Coronel presented their new car for the 43rd edition of the legendary Dakar Rally in Huizen. The Beast347 4.0, to be exact.

The car has been improved on several points based on the previous edition, while also the colour scheme has changed. The Dakar Rally takes place from 3 to 15 January in Saudi Arabia.

โ€œ We have had an intensive preparation and now, as it were, our first Dakar Rally has already been behind us, while the real event has yet to begin,โ€ Tim Coronel, who stands for his thirteenth participation, refers to the many activities of the team members in the garage.

The new car of the brothers is a lot lighter than the previous one, especially due to modifications to all pipes and reservoirs. โ€œWe were able to save eighteen kilograms of weight, and that‘s without the contents of the pipes. We had plenty of time, so we really put everything on a kitchen scale. I think we have gained about 140 kilograms in total.โ€

Another change is something that the twin brothers have announced several times in recent years, but which in practice never came of it. That’s going to be different: โ€œI‘m going to drive at least half of a thousand percentโ€, says Tom Coronel, who will start for the seventh time. โ€œWe have indeed called that before, but I always feel pretty good when Tim drives. Now he’s just forced me to take care of half the course. Yes, I find that quite exciting, I say that quite honestly: I will go in the sand with nodding knees! Look, over the past few years, I‘ve been through everything with Tim: I felt every movement, every unevenness. The only difference is that I didn’t have the steering wheel in my hands, but that‘s what’s going to happen now. We‘re both registered as riders. In my opinion, we are unique: there is no other team who can do this. And besides: because we both have our cheese helmets on, no one can see who’s driving!โ€