Tom Henderson: Beyond Good and Evil 2 needs more years of development

Tom Henderson released a new article in which he shared information about Beyond Good and Evil 2. Apparently, the development of the game will take a lot of time. First of all, the insider notes that screenshots and videos from the recent testing of the game have been shared with him (provided that they are not available upload to the public).

And judging by them, it is clear that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still very far from complete — even compared to the video of the end of 2018. Apparently, the game has since been redesigned.

Beyond Good and Evil 2, players will be able to create their own character using presets – that is, hero models originally provided by the developers. Among them are both a character resembling a shark and a panda.

At the same time, sources tell Henderson that the game feels like it needs years of work, adding that the developers do not seem to have shared vision. And one source added that he seemed to do not understand what he was doing when he played.

In general, the insider adds, the fears are clearly not groundless, given at least what happened the other day It is known that the game has a new lead screenwriter. This means that at least were still working on the story.

And Henderson himself, who has seen the gameplay Beyond Good and Evil 2, believes that the development may last at least another couple of years. Perhaps something will be told about Beyond Good and Evil at the Ubisoft show in september.

But, Henderson adds, so far he has no information on this matter – even rumors. More on CCeit Gotham Knights authors told how they created in-game Gotham Fall Guys starts crossover with Sonic – players are waiting for a new level Microsoft believes that Sony pays for blocking games in the Xbox Game Pass.