Tom Hiddleston hinted that ‘Loki’ essence is reflected in series logo

Loki‘s role performer Tom Hiddleston hinted that one of the main themes of the show is reflected in its logo. At the end of each trailer, the title of the series quickly changes several styles – apparently, we are talking about different versions of the villain himself, scattered across the Marvel multiverse. For fans of the project, this is unlikely to come as a surprise, since not only different versions of Loki appeared in the comics, but also the fresh trailer openly hints at the appearance of alternative story branches compared to the kinoseleny.

It seems that they will be โ€œcorrectingโ€ Loki, captured by the organization, observing the correct passage of time. Among other things, Hiddleston himself added that the project involved the idea of identity and a โ€œvariationโ€ of some fragments of one’s own self โ€” those that the personality could would become, and those that are already embedded in it.

The series will premiere on June 11. More on CCeit โ€œNo You Victim! โ€œ: released the debut trailer of the second season of Mythic Quest Anime + Hades โ€” started the early access Nigate Tale Patches for some games on PS3 stopped loading before the upcoming store closure.