Tom Holland auditioned for the role of Finn from ‘Star Wars’

In a fresh interview, Tom Holland talked about buzzing audition for the role of Finn from Star Wars. According to Holland, he had several unsuccessful auditions, and sometimes he even confused the role he played. One of the failed cases was auditioning for the role of Finn, which in โ€œStar Warsโ€ was eventually played by John Boyega.

Holland played a scene when his hero needed to return to the ship โ€” and the woman who participated with him in the episode performed the role of a droid, making thematic sounds. The young actor, listening, like she says something like โ€œbeep beepโ€, couldnt stop laughing.

He felt terrible as the scene needed to be played seriously, and the woman tried as hard as she could, but he himself continued to hover nonstop. The actor also added that it was already the fourth or fifth audition, that is, he had a chance to get the part.

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