Tom Holland calls’ Spider-Man ‘triquel ‘the conclusion of the franchise’

Spider-Man performer Tom Holland called the upcoming triquel about the hero โ€œthe end of the franchise. โ€ According to the actor, if there are new Spider-themed stories in the future, the versions of the familiar characters will be different from the Homecoming trilogy. In this case, the creators will try to pause and tone the upcoming tapes.

That being said, Holland โ€œdoesnt knowโ€ if such a plan would actually become a reality, but on filming โ€œNo Way Homeโ€, the crew really worked like it definite conclusion to the story. The main cast members were even razzled after the shoot was completed.

In addition, the artist really enjoyed working with Alfred Molina, who again plays Doctor Octopus. According to Holland, Molina had to relearn shooting techniques in a sense, as there was not even a special tentacle model this time โ€” only CGI.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released in Russian on December 16, with a couple of fresh footage of the film along with the new interview. More on Gamemania The FMV action Bloodshore released a full-fledged trailer for All in! Games no longer serves as publisher of War Mongrels Xbox Series sales in Japan reach 100k.