Tom Holland on other Spiders cameo: Marvel didnt tell me anything

Tom Holland, in an interview with Jimmy Fellon, once again attempted to refute information about the cameo of Tobey Maguyar and Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man triquel. According to the actor, if this happened, it would become a real miracle, because Marvel didnt tell him anything about it, and he also read the script – and allegedly did not saw similar scenes there. So waiting for a cameo of these two guys, according to Holland, is not worth it.

However, network users did not believe the actor again – especially Marvel artists have more than once used such tactics of denial in response to questions about true rumors. Some even suggested that a chekhard with the name of the Spider triquel, which occurred earlier, arose due to another drain of information on VandaVizhn, where allegedly reveal real movie title.

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