Tombstone of Eise Eisinga is being restored again

Eise Eisinga (1744-1828) is known all over the world. The amateur astronomer built a planetarium in his own home in Franeker, which still works today. Eisinga is also included in the canon of Friesland and the canon of the Netherlands. His tombstone is a source of concern.

Nine years ago the stone was removed from his grave in the cemetery near d’Alde Witen in Dronryp. It had to be restored. But that restoration was not carried out properly. Or to put it bluntly: failed.

Steenhouwer Ben Seldenrijk says at Omrop Fryslรขn that complete letters of the inscription then disappeared. “They’ll have to go back.” Problem is that epoxy was used at the time to raise worn letters a bit. Wrong fonts were also used. An uppercase letter has been changed to a lowercase.

So the stone was taken from Eisinga’s grave again yesterday. The commitment of all involved is now to return the whole stone to its original state.

Frisian grave culture

Curiously, the stone is actually from the grave of Eisinga’s father, Jelte Eises Eisinga. Eise Eisinga had two square equations engraved on it at the time. Anyone who can solve these sums – and they are not yet that simple – knows the date of death of father Jette and also how old he was when he died.

stones in Hallum and Jorwert. But the tombstone of Eisinga is the only one left from the Frisian grave culture. When Eisinga died in 1828, he was buried in his father‘s grave. Later his name was also chiselled on the stone.

Morrow there will be (temporarily) a metal plate on the grave in Dronryp with a picture of the real stone on it. When the restored stone is put back in a few weeks, a glass plate will be placed over it for protection. The restoration is paid for with money from, among others, the Association of Friends of the Planetarium.