Too few minors in Moria meet requirements to be picked up

There are not enough unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in migrant camp Moria who meet the requirements to be picked up by the Netherlands, as determined by the Cabinet yesterday. Among other things, the childrens rights organisation Defence for Children and Member of the European Parliament Kati Piri (PvdA) stated this on the basis of an inventory.

In order to be eligible for reception in the Netherlands, a child must be under 14 years of age and he or she must have at least a 75% chance of asylum. The Netherlands applies the conditions of the EU Relocation Decision of 2015 when collecting the child. For example, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, for example, is not eligible to be picked up, because on average only half of the Afghans are allowed to stay in the Netherlands.

Too old or too little chance

Of all 4511 unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in Greece, an estimated 38 are eligible under the conditions to be brought to the Netherlands, while the Cabinet wants to receive 50 children. Plus another fifty persons in a family context with minor children.

The minors in Moria are therefore too old or do not qualify, because they do not have enough chance to stay in the Netherlands. For example, there are relatively few Syrian children in Moria who do meet the minimum 75% chance of asylum.

You can conclude that the children we want to accommodate do not exist at all, says Martin Vegter, lawyer at Defence for Children. He estimates that only three children in Moria are eligible to be picked up by the Netherlands.

Early for conclusions

Minister Kaag (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) thinks it is too early to conclude that the Netherlands cannot pick up the fifty children mentioned. According to her, it is now first up to State Secretary Broekers-Knol (Justice and Security) to talk to the Greeks, she said after the Council of Ministers. It may well be that a different mix comes out in the balance sheet, but we assume that it can in any case be done

A spokesperson for State Secretary Broekers-Knol is unable to comment on the content of the figures. She says that the offer to pick up the group of 100 migrants in total was only made to the Greeks yesterday and that a response is awaited.

Prime Minister Rutte thinks it is too early to talk, for example, about relaxing the age limit for underage asylum seekers, he said at the press conference after the Council of Ministers. He believes that the outcome of the talks with the Greeks should be awaited first. After ten years in this job, I am used to being told that something doesnt work and then it does, he said. This is less than 24 hours old and it concerns a very large group of 13,000 people. So lets first see how far we get with the Greeks