Too little emergency response, Cubans take to the streets after Hurricane Ian

In Cuba, several hundred people have been protesting against the government for two days. According to the protesters, the government offers too little emergency aid after Hurricane Ian. Some of the inhabitants have been without electricity for days and have hardly any food.

Cubans are losing patience with the government, which has not yet succeeded in restoring the electricity network. In Havana and two other cities, people took to the streets. In doing so, they blocked streets, slammed pots and pans, and put rotting food on the street – refrigerators have become useless due to the lack of power.

Internet closed

is striking that there are protests in Cuba. Last year, more than a thousand protesters were arrested and prosecuted for protesting against the communist government.

This time again, the protests were ended by the police after a few hours. Internet and telephone traffic on the island appeared to have been shut down by the government on Thursday so that news of the protests would not spread.

Western Cuba, in particular, was hit hard by Hurricane Ian, which came ashore with wind speeds of around 200 kilometers per hour, heavy rainfall and floods. At least two people were killed. At least ten people were killed in the U.S. state of Florida.

After Cuba and Florida, Ian has now reached the coast of South Carolina. The storm has lost a lot of strength in the process.