“Top advisor Johnson resigns after plans for scrapping brexit appointments

An important legal advisor to the British Prime Minister Johnson has resigned. That’s what the Financial Times reports. Jonathan Jones would disagree with the bill that the government would like to put forward that would destroy important parts of the exit agreement with the EU.

Sources report to the newspaper that Jones is ‘very unhappy’ with the plans to review the arrangements on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The purpose of these agreements was to prevent a hard border between the two countries in the future. But with the British government’s bill those agreements would be partly set aside.

Tomorrow it will be known exactly what is in the bill. The government yesterday denied that it wants to come back from previous agreements and claims to respect the agreement.

Jones is not the first top official to resign..

Jones is already the sixth senior civil servant to leave the Johnson government this year out of discontent. According to correspondent Tim de Wit, it is remarkable that he is leaving. “This indicates that not everyone behind the scenes in the Johnson government agrees with this course of action. Although he is not a minister, he is a top official and an important legal advisor to the Prime Minister.”

The British Government’s supposed plans are seen as a bomb under the brexit negotiations. In October last year, the EU and the British agreed on the terms of the brexit. The UK left the EU at the beginning of this year. Now there is a transition period in which the country still abides by EU rules. At the end of this year there should be a new trade agreement, but the discussions about this are difficult.