‘Top matches in Spain may be played with the audience’

There is a chance that the stadiums will open for the last few matches in the Primera Division. The Spanish Minister for Health has made a request for this. There are several options on the table.
That‘s what El Larguero reports. The competitions in Spain will be finished without an audience throughout the season, but that will most likely change. Carolina Darias, the Spanish Minister of Health, has proposed to make the stadiums accessible to supporters for the last four races. This means that there will be an audience at the top players between FC Barcelona – Atlรฉtico Madrid and Real Madrid – Seville on 8 and 9 May respectively. The second option is that supporters can only visit the last two games. Everything depends on the coronation situation at that time.
The most realistic thing at the moment is that a club is allowed to let in 25% of the maximum capacity, but that is subject to strict conditions. For example, strict hygiene measures apply and work with periods. A supporter has to be in 30 to 55 seconds before the next one goes in. Also supporters may be welcome.
Once inside, it’
s mandatory to stay seated. Stand must not. The cap should not be taken off, not even to eat or smoke. If you do not follow the rules, you can not only be denied entry to the stadium, but you risk being evicted from the stadium.

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