Top police force New York Rochester quit because of dead black man

The top of the police force in the American Rochester has resigned. The corps from the city in the north of the state of New York was discredited by the death of Daniel Prude, a black man who may have died of police violence.

The chief of the corps, La’Ron Singletary, and his adjutant Joseph M. Morabito, among others, were leaving. More high-ranking police officers may follow in their wake.

The mayor of Rochester, Lovely Warren, unexpectedly announced the officers’ departure at an online council meeting, in which council members expected to question the police chief about Prude’s death.

Deceased after being arrested

The 41-year-old Prude died in March, a week after his arrest, with suffocation as the cause of death. When he was arrested, a bag was pulled over his head. Prude’s head was then pressed to the ground for minutes.

The footage of Prude’s arrest:

The incident only became public knowledge last week, after Prude’s relatives released footage of bodycams of the officers on the ground.

The police had been called in by Prude’s brother, after Prude had run outside in a confused state and naked during a visit to him. “I called the police so they could help my brother, not lynch him,” Joe Prude said at the press conference where the footage was released.

The seven officers involved in Prude’s arrest were immediately suspended. Since the footage was released, demonstrators have been taking to the streets of Rochester every night to demand the departure of the police summit and also of Mayor Warren. Sunday, New York State’s Attorney set up a grand jury to investigate Prude’s death.