Top Steam and payback: the authors of Animal Shelter boasted of the success of the game

Recently, on March 23, another Games Incubator and PlayWay project was released. And now the creators of Animal Shelter have talked about the success of the new premiere. Over the past three days, Animal Shelter has received 87% positive reviews.

The game has an average of about 1500 people. The game was ranked fourth on the Steam bestseller list.

As for sales, about 16 thousand copies were sold in 72 hours, which made it possible to fully recoup development costs. Among the buyers of Animal Shelter, Americans took the first place, in the US it took 28% sales.

The other leaders are the UK (7%) and China (6%). The developers also reported that before the release of the game, 62,000 players had seen the demo version and 214,000 prologue.

As for the budget, the development took PLN 550 thousand (a little more than 16 million rubles). The game is available on Steam and costs 391 rubles.

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