Top transfer for Bijl (ex- FC Emmen): ‘Highly regarded league’

Glenn Bijl has had two games as player of Russian Krylia Sovetov Samara. He admits that he didn‘t know the Russian competition as his left hand pocket.

Bijl transferred from FC Emmen to Russia for 200,000 euros. โ€œI knew the competition by Promes, Til, Hendrix and Vilhena. But I didn’t know a lot of things either, I had to look up a lot too,โ€ says Bijl to Match TV. โ€œEight teams are competing for a spot in the top three, this competition is highly regarded. In the Netherlands, there is a big gap between the top three and the rest. That‘s different here.โ€
It was clear to Bijl that he would leave Emmen, even if the club had stayed in the Eredivisie. โ€œThe only question was where I would go. For Emmen, the relegation is dramatic, because playing in the Premier League is a dream. It was a fantastic period for the city and its supporters. I keep a lot of good memories about it.โ€
Axe says he negotiated the deal with Krylia all by himself. โ€œI don’
t have an agent, but I did everything. It took a few weeks for the contract to be signed. The technical director expressed interest and then told me what my role would be and what he expects of me. I‘m proud to have been able to do everything myself. I won’t say it was easy, this is quite unusual, but interesting.โ€