Topman weapons lobby NRA in trouble after video shooting elephant

Wayne LaPierre, a top man of the American arms lobby group NRA, has been compromised by the publication of a video showing how he tries to shoot an elephant in Botswana. The images threaten to form a new blow to the image of the NRA.

The images, which already date back to 2013, were part of a documentary sponsored by the NRA. But it was finally decided not to broadcast the images, fearing a โ€œPR fiasco,โ€ says The New Yorker, that the video has spread after all.

The video shows how LaPierre participates in an elephant hunt in Botswana in southern Africa. He shoots one of the fatskins near him, but the animal is only wounded. Then LaPierre is brought even closer to the elephant by a guide, but he misses again. After a few more attempts, the animal is finally slaughtered by someone else.

Storm of criticism

The images lead to the necessary criticism in the US. โ€œIt is despicable to see Lapierre‘s brutal and clumsy slaughter of this beautiful creature. No animal should suffer like this,โ€ says Tanya Sanerib of the Center for Biological Diversity in Arizona in a statement.

โ€œ This is how Wayne LaPierre manages to alienate both hunters and gun owners: because he is not only inhuman, but also a terrible shooter,โ€ it sounds to Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action, a women’s organization that is fighting against the proliferation of weapons in the U.S.