Total circulation of Sniper Ghost Warrior series exceeded 11 million

Studio CI Games summed up 2020 and announced that it received over $12 million of consolidated revenue and nearly $2 million of consolidated net income. At the end of 2020, the Warsaw studio had a capital of 7. 5 million dollars and did not have any loan obligations.

At the same time, it is worth considering that over the past year CI has not released any new games, so these indicators are provided by a so-called back-catalogue. Unless the independent game Roki, released by the publishing division of United Label, brought about 250 thousand dollars.

The company also named the sales figures of its largest games: the Sniper Ghost Warrior series. The total sales of games in the series exceeded 11 million copies.

And distributed circulation as follows: Sniper Ghost Warrior โ€” 4. 5 million; Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 โ€” 3.

4 million; Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 โ€” more than 2 million; Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts โ€” 1 In addition, the circulation of Lords of the Fallen reached 3 million copies. About 7 million more players received the game as part of PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold.

ci Games subscriptions is increasingly becoming a global company. At present, three of its studios are open in Warsaw, Barcelona and Bucharest, but a number of key employees work in other countries, including the UK.

The company has 125 people, which is twice as many as at the end of 2019. More on Gambling Capcom will launch Beta Resident Evil Re:Verse for another 24 hours Square Enix looking for developers for new NIer Rockstar made free add-ons for L.

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