Total War: Warhammer III postponed until 2022

SEGA and Creative Assembly did not give an exact release date for the turn-based strategy game Total War: Warhammer III, but it was expected that the game would be released in late 2021. Now that‘s not the case: the developers have announced a postponement of the release until early 2022. According to the game’s creators, the extra time will allow them to do more and achieve a better result.

Total War: Warhammer III is not seen as the finale of a trilogy, but as the first step into a massive new era with years of post-relish support. Lest the wait seems oppressive, the studio in the time remaining promises to share information about the future game with us.

In particular, a story about Great Cathay, one of the two main empires of the third part of the series, is planned for the near future. More on Gamermania Synthetik 2 goes early access November 11 Epic Games continues to sue Apple โ€” appeal lodged Nintendo Switch permanently dropped in price in Europe.