Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid talking about Gareth Bale

Tottenham Hotspur is in talks with Real Madrid to take over Gareth Bale (31). His fiduciary has informed the BBC. According to the BBC, a lease is the most obvious, but a final takeover is not excluded.

“Gareth still loves the Spurs. We are talking. Its the club he wants to go to,” said agent Jonathan Barnet.

Bale played more than 200 matches for the Spurs between 2007 and 2013 and he scored 56. Seven years ago he moved to Real, where he no longer appears in any future plans. At Real he won the Champions League four times.

Trainer Zinédine Zidane barely appealed to Bale after the resumption of the Spanish football league, who will be under contract with the Spanish champion for another two years. “Much has been said. There is a respectful relationship between the club and the player, but I just want to say that he preferred not to play. The rest is between us and him”, said coach Zidane last month about the Welshman, prior to the game with Manchester City in the Champions League.