Tough criticism of regional CDA members on nitrogen policy, party summit due to dust

Regional CDA members have strongly criticized the nitrogen policy of their party and the cabinet. The goals are unattainable and the cabinet must return to the drawing board, they said at a meeting with the party summit in Nijkerk. Some CDA provincial administrators threaten not to implement the policy if there is no more perspective for farmers.

Around 100 members had come to the meeting with party leader Hoekstra, party chairman Heerma and MP Boswijk. A large proportion of the attendees are active as regional or local politicians on behalf of the party.

Jo-Annes de Bat, CDA deputy in Zeeland, is said to be โ€œsavageโ€ about the plans that will cost many farmers their business. โ€œWhats happening is really wrong. If the cabinet manages to get all parties angry, you are doing something right wrongโ€, he made it clear.

As far as he is concerned, party leader and foreign minister Hoekstra must go to Brussels to adjust the โ€œunrealistic goalsโ€ imposed on our country.

Other CDA members expressed, sometimes emotionally, harsh criticism of the party leader:

At the beginning of the meeting, MP Derk Boswijk was already going through the dust. โ€œYou have ended up in a worthless, uncertain situation and that bothers me, and we could have prevented that to a large extent,โ€ he told his fellow party members. By announcing measures only for the agricultural sector and not for other sectors, the cabinet has shown โ€œlack of empathyโ€, he believes afterwards.

Boswijk, who was visited by angry farmers at home last week and therefore did not go to The Hague for a few days, said Minister Van der Wal (Nitrogen and Nature) warned in advance of the ticket that she was going to present with the areas where nitrogen emissions were released should be down sharply. โ€œI wouldnt do that, I told her.โ€ The ticket led to great unrest among the farmers. Boswijk: โ€œIm sorry that I didnt stand on my stripes at the time.โ€

Party leader Wopke Hoekstra also acknowledged that his party and the cabinet have made a false start with the nitrogen plans. โ€œI came here to listen carefully. In this file, all kinds of things have not gone well.โ€

โ€œStart over!โ€

Overijssel-based provincial director Eddy van Hijum believes that he is saddled with โ€œunattainable goalsโ€. If the CDA summit seriously believes that a false start has been made, the plans should return to the drawing board. โ€œStart again!โ€ , he said. If Van Hijum is given the administrative order to implement the policy, he will not do so without a perspective for the farmers, he warned.

In the hall were also CDA members with an agricultural background, such as the young farmers wife Iris Bouwers from Drenthe, also lobbyist for farmers organization LTO Nederland in Brussels. Builders wants to take over the company from her parents, but due to the nitrogen problems, she does not get funding. โ€œDont do this to our party,โ€ she told Hoekstra. โ€œThis proposal has the potential to destroy our party from the bottom up.โ€ She received a big applause.

The members critical stories hit Hoekstra enormously, he said in a response. โ€œYoure giving us an amazing amount of homework.โ€ Member of Parliament Boswijk: โ€œWe are going to make sure that you have a future, but it wont be easy.โ€