Tour boss Prudhomme tests positive for corona

The boss of the Tour de France, Christian Prudhomme, tested positive for the coronavirus. The positive test of the Frenchman has no consequences for the further course of the Tour de France.

Prudhomme will be absent for at least a week, that’s what the quarantine rules say. “I’ll behave like any French worker and stay at home,” said the Tour boss. He also stated in a statement that he has no symptoms and that he is doing well.

“I was tested on August 6, August 20 and August 27 and everything was negative. Yesterday’s test was positive”, Prudhomme said

“I’m not in the Tour bubble because I come into contact with many more people than the riders such as partners, journalists and officials. The most important thing is that no riders have tested positive. I will report back in the Tour next Tuesday”

For the time being, Prudhomme’s right-hand man Franรงois Lemarchand will take over his duties. The Tour boss hasn’t been in contact with any riders, the Tour organisation emphasizes.

The French Prime Minister Jean Castex will be tested again. Castex was a guest in the Tour on Saturday, where he was in the car of Prudhomme. Castex and the Tour boss both wore a mouth cap, confirmed a spokesman of the prime minister.

“They have also respected the rules of social distance”, the statement said. “But just to be on the safe side, the Prime Minister will have another test.”

Riders negative

Earlier that day it was announced that the corona tests of all riders had come back negative and the 22 teams and their remaining riders could start.

However, four staff members from four different teams tested positive. However, this has no consequences for the race because the rule is that a team is only taken out of the Tour in case of two contaminations.

Sprinter Cees Bol of Team Sunweb reacted surprised to the news of the contamination of Prudhomme. “It’s definitely a bizarre development. I hadn’t predicted that.”

“On the other hand, so many people have been tested and only a few are positive. It’s good news that the riders are negative. Even though it’s silly that the director is just positive,” said Bol.