Tourist information Georgios Giakoumakis slaughtering ADO

VVV-Venlo has started great on 2021. The second direct confrontation with a direct competitor in the fight against degradation was also a victory. After William II, ADO Den Haag also had to believe in it: 1-4. And again the Greek goalgetter Georgios Giakoumakis was the male of the Limburgers. As against Willem II, the Eredivisie top scorer signed the entire Venlose production.

At ADO Den Haag, the arrival of Daryl Janmaat and Marko Vejinovic and the 1-0 victory at RKC Waalwijk talked about new momentum, but there was little to be seen against VVV. Janmaat put a disappointing game on the mat against RKC and ADO was strikingly powerless.


ADO Den Haag decided to rejuvenate drastically last summer and wanted to create a youthful, talented selection. The routine players Tom Beugelsdijk, Lex After, Aaron Meijers, Erik Falkenburg and Danny Bakker were working towards exit and if it had been up to the technical responsibilities, Michiel Kramer and John Goossens had followed them.

But if there is something scarce in football, then it is consistency in policy. After a series of disappointing results for the winter stop and a change of trainers, the first so youthful ADO is suddenly a team with plenty of routine with against VVV in addition to the go-getters Kramer (32) and Goossens (32) also the recent acquisitions Janmaat (31) and Marko Vejinovic (30) in the base.

Thirty new players

Many of the young talents, which ADO had won last summer to make a fresh start and generate value on the transfer market, were keeping the bank warm against VVV. However, there was immediately a base place for the Juan Familia-Castilo rented this week from Chelsea. โ€œA fine and technical player, which we hope to enjoy,โ€ says trainer Ruud Brood. Familia-Castilo is already the 30th new player that the Hagenaars have ripped in since 1 January last year, a bizarre number. Jay-Roy Cave, currently on trial training, can become number 31.

Naky mistakes

That even experienced players can make clumsy mistakes turned out after five minutes, when Janmaat and Goossens got in each others way, giving Zinรฉdine Machah free passage towards the ADO goal. Shaquille Pinas, one of the few young players who managed to maintain at ADO, ran the fast Frenchman on the heels, so Giakoumakis could take care of the 0-1 from the penaltytip.

The early lead gave VVV the opportunity to play the favorite defensive game. ADO had the most possession of the ball, but it didnt result in a lot of target danger. VVV occasionally came out dangerous and early in the second half Giakoumakis was in the right place to head in the 0-2. Invaller Samy Bourard made the connection striker for ADO, but soon Giakoumakis finally decided the duel after a good preparatory work by substitute Yahcuroo Roemer. From the penaltydot the Greek also made the fourth of the evening.

And with that top scorer Giakoumakis increased his total to sixteen Eredivision goals. Together with the two goals in the KNVB Cup he has now made exactly eighteen goals for VVV in seventeen duels. A beautiful average, which does not match the statistics of Giakoumakis on his previous adventures in Poland and Greece, where he needed 150 matches to score 26 goals. Not for the first time the Netherlands appears to be a lazy country for a marginal performing striker abroad. It will be another challenge for Tourist Office to keep the goalgetter inboard this transfer window, because a player with such statistics is always wanted.


Giakoumakis wants to stay at VVV-Venlo until the end of the season. โ€œAfter the game, I talked to my teammates and they asked me to stay. That felt very good and special. We are a family and thats why I want to stay at least until the end of the season,โ€ said the top top scorer of the Eredivisie in front of ESPNs camera. And then to add: โ€œBut I can not guarantee it. Something very big can come by.โ€

Giakoumakis scored against ADO with a shot, a headball and twice out of a penalty kick. โ€œIve never scored four times before,โ€ said the Greek who immediately went to referee Jannick van der Laan to pick up the match ball. โ€œIm especially glad that I was able to score with a headball for the first time this season. Ive thought a lot about that.โ€

Hans Sleven

Never before was a VVV-Venlo player at the top of the top scoring list after sixteen rounds. The only players who scored at least sixteen times in the first sixteen rounds were Luis Suรกrez (17 on behalf of Ajax in 2009-2010) and Mateja Kezman (18 on PSV in 2002-2003).