Tourist who caused fatal accident on Lake Como agrees with justice

A young Belgian tourist accused of death by debt in Italy for allegedly causing an accident on Lake Como at the end of June has reached an agreement with justice on a two-year prison sentence and the payment of compensation. That is what the Il Corriere della Sera newspaper reports.

Clea W. (21) was at the helm of a large speedboat with eleven Belgian tourists on June 25, which collided with another boat near Villa Balbianello. Luca Fusi, a 22-year-old Italian who was on that last boat with two others, was killed.

House arrest

The Belgian tourist has since been under house arrest at her family‘s holiday home in Lenno. The prosecutor closed the file ten days ago, and addressed her lawyer’s proposal for a two-year prison sentence and compensation. The agreement has now lifted the restrictive measures, and women can leave the country.

That agreement has yet to be ratified by a court, which seems to happen in November. W has been released pending. The amount of compensation has yet to be determined, although W.‘s family previously paid an advance to the victim’s parents and sister.



of the Italian victim can find themselves in the agreement, according to the Corriere della Sera. โ€œWe fully respect what justice has decided in terms of alternative penalties. We do rely on the authorities to weigh the unparalleled seriousness of the facts and the extraordinary life of Luca.โ€

Het Nieuwsblad lears from good source that it is ultimately the judge who will decide in November whether Clea W. should serve her sentence in Italy or if she will be transferred to Belgium. In the latter case, there are two more options. If the verdict is issued before December 1 โ€” and it looks like โ€” she may be able to get an ankle strap. If the verdict is issued after December 1, she may have to serve her time in prison. The latter has to do with a change in law in Belgium