Tourists taken from beach to forest fires in Italian town of Pescara

In the Italian city of Pescara, at least five injured and tourists have been evacuated by forest fires. Italian media report that. Three wounded would have tried to extinguish the fire that had reached their home.

The fire broke out in a central park of about 53 hectares, in the city about 150 kilometres east of Rome, and then spread rapidly. More than 800 people have been evacuated, including nuns in a monastery and nursing home residents. A school burned down and several cars went into flames. According to Italian media, beachgoers were evacuated and some beach visitors fleeing.

โ€œWe had to evacuate different homes and beach resorts because of the smoking development,โ€ said Mayor Masci of Pescara to Italian news agency Ansa. โ€œWe do what we can to reduce damage.โ€

These are images from Pescara, where fire extinguishers and helicopters fight fires:

The Abruzzo region, in which Pescara lies, has asked the government in Rome for help. The fires have also partially stopped traffic in some areas. Ansa reports that trains on the Adriatic coast railroad were experiencing delays of more than 6.5 hours yesterday. Long traffic jams were also created because toll gates were closed.

In Italy, the fire brigade ripped out more than 800 times last weekend, especially in the south of the country. The Italian fire department reports a lot of fires in Sicily (250) and in Apulia and Calabria (130). Dozens of aid requests came from across the country for the deployment of extinguishing aircraft. Hundreds of firefighters have been deployed to combat fire.

In other parts of southern Europe, too, there are major problems due to forest fires. In Turkey, among others, where wildfires hold a large part of the Turkish Riviera. So far, eight people have died in Turkey. At the city of Bodrum, hotel guests and staff had to be evacuated by boat.

The European Commission has announced help for Turkey. Two Spanish firefighting aircraft and a Croatian fire aircraft have been sent to the country to help fight the fires. The committee speaks in a statement of โ€œunprecedented forest firesโ€. โ€œWe are ready to provide more help,โ€ says Commissioner Lenarcic.

Electricity issues in Rhodes

In Greece, parts of the island of Rhodes are without electricity according to Greek broadcaster ERT. Forest fires caused damage to the power grid. The authorities have called on residents of different villages to leave because there is fear that the fires are expanding.

The government warns about power outages, and has called on people not to use too much power. It will be possible to be 44 or 45 degrees in parts of Greece in the next few days. People are asked to set the air conditioning no lower than 26 degrees.