Trade union boa’s continues to support Grapperhaus ‘because of its wedding record

Richard Gerrits, chairman of the trade union BOA-ACP, says that the credibility of extraordinary investigators (boas) is under pressure. The Boas are already writing out fewer coronation fines because of the commotion about Minister Grapperhaus’ wedding.

Grapperhaus stressed in a parliamentary debate last night that he spoke with the boas a number of times. “He explained to us in that conversation what happened on his wedding day. And he also put on the penitentiary,” said Gerrits in the CCeit Radio 1 News. “We expressed confidence in him. And that also has to do with the track record he had before the wedding. He hasn’t done this well, but he has amply admitted that.”

Dent in boa’s credibility

The minister of justice is damaged, but remains on as minister. He went through the dust last night debating the photos of his marriage. According to the opposition, those photos are damaging to his credibility as chief enforcer of the coronavirus rules.

According to Gerrits, the dent in the credibility of boas, enforcers and police officers arose even before the discussion about Grapperhaus’ marriage. “This crack came about when Mayor Halsema walked through the demonstrators on Dam Square,” he says, referring to the Black Lives Matters protest of 1 June.

The chairman of the trade union wants policies that can be explained in the Netherlands. “This policy must be supported by the population and be practicable for enforcers”, Gerrits emphasizes. More than that, the credibility of the enforcement must be restored. “Because there’s a big gap in that”

Uncertainty about criminal record

According to Gerrits, there is a lack of clarity about the fines and a possible endorsement on their criminal record, as a result of which people may not be able to obtain a Certificate of Good Behaviour (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, VOG) and may miss out on a job. “That was also indicated several times in yesterday’s debate, that all this is different.”

In addition, boa’s have long wanted a truncheon and pepper spray for safety and enforcement. According to Gerrits, Minister Grapperhaus has promised that there will be a meeting next week to discuss this further.